Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New School Year, New School, New Classroom!

This year I get to help open a new school! I am so excited! My new school is offering so many incredible opportunities for the children. The school is health and science focused. We have partnered with our local hospital to educate our students on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The cafeteria food is homemade local food. No processed food here! I am seriously rethinking my previous opinions about school cafeteria food. We are a project based learning school, participate in the LEEDS Program (we're paperless), and have iPads for our students! I am just so excited to be a part of such an incredible school!

Here are some pictures of my new classroom! I have an owl theme this year. We are Tighe's Thinkers since we are an inquiry-based school.

Here's the welcome sign for my room.

Here's our current bulletin board display.

Our classroom library.

Our helper chart and supply shelves.

Our data station.

The view of my classroom. The students were working on their morning work before I took this picture.

I love the new touch screen Promethean Board!

I finally have cubbies for my students!
Since I am at a project based learning school, I will be creating plenty of project-based learning resources. Feel feel to check out my TechersPayTeachers store for future items. Here's to an awesome school year!