Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Activities and a Sale!

Get your wishlists ready! It’s time for the annual TpT CyberSale! Time to stock up on everything you need for your classroom, and save! I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of items on my wishlist, I can’t wait to buy these products and start using them in my classroom.

If you are looking for some holiday activities for your classroom, check out my store. This year I have added a bunch of fun holiday products.

If you are planning a gingerbread unit for the holidays, check out my Work, Work as Hard as You Can! It’s a Unit of Fun with theGingerbread Man!  unit. 

I have included activities for each subject area so it can be used for a day of gingerbread fun, over a couple of days, or throughout a week. This unit contains the following five activities:

1. Search, Search as Hard as You Can! Can You Catch the Gingerbread Man- This activity is played like the game Battleship and reviews using ordered pairs.

2. Gingerbread Story Activity- During this activity students will read different versions of the Gingerbread Man (a book list is provided to help you easily find books). They will compare the different stories, and use planning sheets to help them create their own version of this classic folktale. Gingerbread publishing papers are included.
3. Gingerbread Man Measurement- Students will use a Gingerbread Man cut out to measure different items in the room. A recording sheet is provided for this activity along with extension activities for early finishers.
4. Run, Run as Fast as You Can!- The students join the Gingerbread Man Capture Squad during this science experiment, and explore what happens to their pulse before, during, and after exercise.
5. The History of the Gingerbread Man- This activity goes over the Gingerbread Man's history and has the student practice their map skills.

If you are planning a cultural celebration, check out my Christmas Around the World Packs. I have sets for the following countries; England, Germany, Mexico, The Netherlands, and France. Each set includes: 
-a presentation on each country, and their holiday traditions
-one or two crafts for each country
-carol sing-a-longs-a passport with passport stamps
-a recipe for a traditional dish from each country
-a word search for each country exploring the new words learned in each lesson

If you want all of the countries listed, I have a complete Christmas Around the World Pack.

If you are looking for winter themed math products, check out my Winter Olympics Multiplication and Division Games and Centers Pack, and my Measurement Winter Olympics Activities.

I hope you enjoy the sale and the holiday season!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Fun Fall Freebie!

Time for a fun fall freebie! Right now my third graders are beginning their lovely journey with multiplication. We are working on multiplication strategies, and memorizing our basic facts. In an effort to make learning more fun, I created a fun fall fact practice game called Dress The Scarecrow

In this game, students practice their multiplication facts while dressing their scarecrow. This two player game has students competing against each other to be the first to complete their scarecrow. They get to have fun while working on their basic fact practice. If you would like to add this game to your teaching toolkit, stop by my TpT store to download this fun freebie!