Sunday, December 29, 2013

Math Olympics!

The Olympics are almost here! I'm so excited! I love watching the Olympics, and cheering on the amazing athletes. I like to integrate the Olympics into my lessons every time the Olympics occur. The students are so interested in the different events, and it is important to make learning fun! This year I am integrating the Olympics into my math instruction. I have created two fun Winter Games Packs that I will be using with my students this year. I have posted these items on my TeachersPayTeachers store, so you can participate in the fun too!

I plan on introducing the Winter Olympics with my Measurement Winter Games Pack

This pack is full of fun measurement centers that are great for skill practice and review. Before beginning the measurement Olympics, I plan on having a small Opening Ceremony for my students. I am going to have them create a flag that represents themselves on a plain piece of paper. Their flag will need to be full of symbols that describe who they are. Once the students have finished designing their flags, I will host a small Opening Ceremony and have them parade around the room with their flags. Once the ceremony has ended, the games will begin!

The Measurement Olympics are set up into four different centers. The students will be rotating to each center in groups. They will record their individual results on their Measurement Winter Games Recording Sheet. A description of the measurement events are listed below:
-Curling Challenge- During this event, students will practice their curling and measurement skills(measuring in feet and inches).
-Marble Ski Jump-During this event students will use marbles and a ramp to compete in the ski jump. They will measure the total distance their marble traveled.
-Ice Skating Coin Spin- Students will practice measuring time and spinning coins during this event.
-Hockey Slap Shot Challenge- Students will use paperclips as hockey pucks to measure distance during this event.

Once the students have finished their events, I will collect their recording sheets to see who places in each event. The top three students in each event will get to participate in the class medal ceremony.

The second Winter Games item I created is my Winter Games Multiplication and Division Games and Centers Pack

My students are finishing up their multiplication and division unit. This themed pack is perfect for practicing and reviewing their basic multiplication and division skills. This set includes four math games/centers. The games and skills are listed below: 

-Help Penguin Win the Gold- Help Penguin slalom his way to the gold. Along the way, students will have to complete basic division problems with and without remainders.
-Skating for a Perfect Score- Help Penguin win the gold  by solving basic multiplication facts and adding totals.
-Competing on the Halfpipe- Two players will compete in five trial runs to see who wins the Halfpipe competition. Students will be solving basic multiplication problems during this center.
-Hockey: Division Block That Shot- In this center, students will be competing against each other to fill in a hundreds chart using basic division problems.

I can't wait to celebrate the games with my students! This is going to be so much fun! Let the games begin!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Tis' the Season for the Wiggles!

I don’t know about you, but during this time of year my students need to move! I find myself integrating more movement activities the closer we get to winter break. I found some cute holiday themed movement activities on YouTube and thought that I’d share.
I hope you enjoy using these activities in your class! We are in the home stretch! We are almost there!