Thursday, January 31, 2013

Capacity Measurement Fun

My students are currently studying measurement in math. This week we learned about the customary units of capacity and making conversions. I like using the "Big G" and "Gallon Man" as visuals for this lesson. I have my students record the model they like best in their math journals. I personally like the Big G model the best. I think that it is much easier for students to write down on scratch paper while they are taking a test.

This is the Big G model I use in my classroom.

This is the Gallon Man Model I use in my classroom.
After we have practiced a couple of conversion problems, I like to have the students play my Gallon Man Measurement Game. This game is so much fun and a student favorite every year!  I use this game as a whole class activity. This game provides students with great visuals and hands-on practice with capacity conversions.

Check out this game and use it in your classroom! Your students will love it!

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