Monday, February 18, 2013

2 Digit by 2 Digit Multiplication Trick

 I have decided that I want to start flipping my classroom. I know that this is a learning process, and it will take me awhile to get everything up and running. In my quest for knowledge, I discovered the website This site is a great tool for a flipped class. This site has thousands of already recorded lesson for teachers to use in the classroom. It also has a free app for teachers to use on their iPads. The app allows you to create, record, and share videos for free! I was so excited that I decided to give this app a try over the long weekend.

The first subject in my classroom that I would like to begin flipping is math. My students have already studied multiplication, but I wanted to extend upon what we have already learned. I found a really cool math trick on Pinterest over the weekend. I found a picture of this trick, but when I clicked on the link it would not send me to where the picture came from. Unfortunately, I am not able to credit the source.

I decided to use this trick in my first attempt of creating a video for my students. I used my iPad and to create the video above. I posted a link to this video on Edmodo for my students to use. I hope that this goes well in my classroom!

Happy Teaching!


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