Sunday, September 15, 2013

Genre Review with Recycled Book Orders

Are you a Scholastic Book Club member? Are you like me, and have a ton of extra book order forms? I have found a great way to recycle those extra forms! I have been a Scholastic Book Club member for eleven years and love it! However, whenever I place a book order I have some extra unused forms. Instead of throwing those forms in the recycle bin, use them as a literacy center or activity in your classroom.

Last week my students were reviewing genre. As a culminating activity, I gave each student an unused book order form. I had each student make a tree diagram on a piece of white construction paper. The diagram started with the word genre and broke into two subcategories non-fiction and fiction. I then had the students look through their book orders and cut out ten non-fiction and ten fiction books.

After they cut out their book samples, they had to classify them into their genre groups (mystery, informational text, realistic fiction, etc.), label, and glue them onto the correct section of their tree chart. I created a sample ahead of time to help guide them.

My sample for the students.

My students loved this activity! They had fun picking out the books that they liked, and it was great review. Their finished projects turned out great and they were proud of their work.

Here is one student's finished project.
Now I need to find some more uses for those extra forms. Maybe a math center to review money, addition, and subtraction? Do you have any ideas?

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