Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cyber Monday Giveaway!

The holidays are a fun, but crazy time of the year. It always helps to have fun curriculum based units ready for that mad season rush! My Gingerbread Man themed unit is perfect for those crazy times. 

This unit contains the following five activities:

1. Search, Search as Hard as You Can! Can You Catch the Gingerbread Man- This activity is played like the game Battleship and reviews using ordered pairs.

2. Gingerbread Story Activity- During this activity, students will read different versions of the Gingerbread Man (a book list is provided to help you easily find books). The students will compare different stories, and use planning sheets to help them create their own version of this classic folktale. Gingerbread publishing papers are included.

3. Gingerbread Man Measurement- Students will use a Gingerbread Man cut out to measure different items in the room. A recording sheet is provided for this activity along with extension activities for early finishers.

4. Run, Run as Fast as You Can!- The students join the Gingerbread Man Capture Squad during this science experiment, and explore what happens to their pulse before, during, and after exercise.

5. The History of the Gingerbread Man- This activity goes over the Gingerbread Man's history and has students practice their map skills.

I have included activities for each subject area so it can be used for a day of gingerbread fun, over a couple of days, or throughout a week.

Starting now through December 3rd, you can go to my store at Teacher’s Notebook to register for my holiday giveaway. One lucky reader will get my gingerbread themed unit, Work, Work as Hard as you Can! It’s a Unit of Fun with the Gingerbread Man!

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