Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Get Your Students Moving with Go Noodle!

Earlier this year, a colleague of mine told me about Go Noodle. Let me tell you, this website is A-MAZ-ING! This site has a plethora of movement activities to use throughout the day with your kiddos. My students absolutely love this site. Some of my students set up free accounts so they can do these activities at home. Yes, they are that fun!

You can set-up a free account, or you can purchase a subscription. Once you have your account, you have access to these fun activities. No more searching the internet for kid-friendly activities! They are all here for you! The activities are organized into categories like Zumba Kids, Brainercise, Indoor Recess, YouTube, etc. This site even lets you add activities you may have used in the past to your account (I personally love this feature).

When you set-up your class, you get to select a mascot. This mascot is used to keep track of your students' progress. When your students complete a certain number of activities, the mascot enters the Transmogrifier and changes its appearance. The mascot even helps your class earn awards for reaching certain milestones.

If you haven't tried the site out yet, sign-up and get your students moving! I'm glad I did!

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