Wednesday, July 24, 2013

File Folder Fun!

This week's money saving teacher tip is all about the file folder! Every year I like to make two things with file folders; binder pocket dividers, and student blockers. The best thing about file folders is that they are really cheap! A pack of 100 folders only costs about $5.

Every year I like my students to stay organized with a binder. We use the SOAR binder in my classroom because I have an owl theme. I ask my students to use the binder pocket dividers to help us stay organized. I love the extra folder space these give the students. A set of five of these can cost $5. However, you can make these for a fraction of the cost. To make a set of five, you will need five file folders and some Duck Tape. I  found the cutest roll of owl Duck Tape at Wal-Mart for $3.37, but you could use plain Duck Tape.

The first thing you need to do is cut the folder in half along the fold.
Next, take the half without the tab and fold it like a hotdog.

Then slide the unfolded tab in the middle of the folded half.

Make sure to line the up the edge of the hot dog fold with the edge of the other half. The cut off the part of the hot dog fold that goes past the side with the tab.

Then take the hot dog folded part and line the two outer edges with Duck Tape.

Place the tab part back in the middle of the hot dog folded part.
Then you will need to tape the two side edges to create a pocket. Be sure to seal the sides with the tape, so you can store papers in the pockets.

Finally, use a hole puncher to punch holes in the folder on the side without the tab. Place the divider in your binder, and you are done! You have created a two-sided pocket divider for a fraction of the price of buying them already made!

The next project is really easy! I use blockers every year to help my students protect their work, and ward off the wondering eye. At the beginning of the year, I give them two file folders. I have them take the two folders and open them on their desk. Then I have them overlap two halves and staple them together in the middle.

When they have finished, they can open the folders and stand up their blockers to protect their work. They fold back up for easy storage in their desk or cubby. You can even have them decorate their blockers when they have finished.
I hope that you find these money saving tips helpful in your classroom! Here's to a wonderful year!

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