Monday, July 7, 2014

Teacher Tech "Know" Tuesday

I hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. I really enjoyed spending all of that extra time with my family. My daughter handled the fireworks really well and slept right through them. My dog, on the other hand, was scared and spent most of the night in hiding.

This week I wanted to share a website that I absolutely love! I don't know if any of you have ever used the site Class Tools, if not you need to check it out. This site offers a whole bunch of tools that teachers can use to enhance lessons and strengthen classroom management. They have graphic organizers, a virtual random class picker you can use instead of picking equity sticks, Fakebook, an awesome countdown timer, and much more.

I have been using this site for the past three years, and the countdown timer has become an important tool in my classroom. I absolutely love this tool! Whenever my students are working on projects, centers, classwork, or during transitions I display this timer on my Promethean board.  This timer is great because it plays music, counts down, and changes color to let students know how much time they have left to complete their activities. There are a bunch of songs ready for you to use. I love using the Mission Impossible Theme Song for cleaning up and the classical music for classwork. The site will even let you upload your own songs! If you aren't using this site already, you should definitely check it out for the upcoming school year.

I hope you found this tip helpful! I will see you next Tuesday!

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