Sunday, August 11, 2013

Whooo loves Whole Brain?

Over the summer, I have been feeding my Pinterest addiction. While pinning to prepare for the school year, I found a ton of great Whole Brain resources. I tried some attention grabbers last year before leaving for my maternity leave, and was amazed how well they worked. Parents would come into my room for a class party and when the students got too noisy I would use one of the attention grabbers. They were shocked with how fast I got the students attention. I had one parent tell me she was going to start using that attention grabber at home.

Last year I only used the attention grabbers, this year I am going to give more Whole Brain strategies a try. I am going to implement the classroom rules, some of the teaching techniques, and the scoreboard to start. I just finished making my Whole Brain Owl Themed classroom rules, and posted them on my TpT store as a freebie. Do any of you guys use Whole Brain in your classroom? What strategies have you tried? Have you found that some strategies work better than others?
My favorite Whole Brain rule framed and ready to go!

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